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"I have learned at the yes home that they are there to help my child get better at living and learning from their mistakes and how decisions I have made in my life has affected her. I have learned better parenting skills and different ideas to deal with problems that arise in our lives. That may be actions she is taking in her life or decisions I make towards the actions she is taking. I also learned that the yes home isn't just a place to put wayward children but a place that helps the whole family and supports the family no matter what crisis may be occurring in their lives.


I would like other parents to know that the yes home isn't a place to just send problems children. The yes home is a supportive environment that help the child heal from their issues and also helps the family heal from whatever may have occurred to get the child placed there. Be it an addiction issue, behavioral issue, or family issue. They really are there to help. Don't look at their involvement as a terrible thing but better yet take advantage of the programs and services they are offering the family and child. The staff really is available to help and offer support to the child and family 24-7 if you take the time to reach out for help. They will go above and beyond to help you and your child. They genuinely care about the outcome of their involvement in your family. They get excited about and can't wait to see you and your child succeed and return to a normal healthy family life."



"I have learned that I need to be more confident and I need to learn more positive coping skills."-Female, 17

I like living at the YES Home because "I feel that the people at the YES Home truly care for us and are here to help us." 

-Male, 17

The YES Home has "made me realize I have self worth and I want to thank them all for believing in me." 

-Female, 17

"The YES Home is truly a great place and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be a resident."

-Male, 17

"I am thankful for their support and shelter."

-Female, 17

Giving Thanks

"I'm thankful for YES helping me learn and recognize which negative behaviors I need to change."

"I'm thankful for the YES Home and how they never give up on me."

"I'm thankful for the YES Home giving me a second chance at a more positive life."

"I'm thankful for my bed at YES; it is so comfortable!"

"I'm thankful for the YES being so caring and there for me through hard times and for not giving up on me."

"I'm thankful for the YES Home staff and support through hard times." 

“I’m thankful because the YES Home did a lot to help me and took care of my needs and helped me do what I needed. Appreciate what they did for me.”

-Glen (former resident)

“I am thankful for the YES Home because they helped me grow. They taught me to always tell the truth and be honest with others and myself. I learned to be respectful not only towards myself but to others. I learned how to be part of a team as well as a leader. I will always be thankful for the YES Home as they helped me become the person I am today.”

-Angela (former resident)

“I’m thankful for the YES Home because you guys showed me the right path. You showed me how it feels to be cared about. Before the YES Home, I was a trouble kid - always angry and didn’t care about anything but myself. You guys pulled me out of that state of mind and helped me mentally. I think about all of you every day, I even drive by the YES Home a lot when I’m upset just to be reminded that people care about me. Thank you so much for showing me what being loved feels like. I appreciate all of you more than you’ll ever know.”       -Breanna (former resident)

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